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 FINE & COARSE TOOTH #305Colonel Conk Products Wooden Beard Comb with natural antistatic characteristics, both fine and coarse sides. You don't hear the phrase “fine tooth comb” much anymore. However now that stylish facial is back, there is a need for an exceptional fine tooth comb. That's just what we've got here at Colonel Conk – a fine tooth comb with fine and coarse sides so you have the ability to groom as required.

Made of Peach Wood and an extra smooth surface. 100% Natural Materials.

Measures 3 7/8" x 2 1/4".


SMALL WOOD BEARD COMB #302 : Colonel Conk Products Small Wooden Beard Comb is made from Peach Wood and is anti static. In China, peach represents longevity and this comb is made to last! Peach is a traditional choice for its smooth surface. Unlike rubber or plastic, there's nothing to grab or snarl hair in its teeth. Anti-static, like all of our combs, Colonel Conk's small wood comb is ideal for easy handling when you want to groom your beard.

Made from 100% Natural Materials.

Measures 3 7/8" x 2", tooth length of 1 1/4".