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DuBoa High Tech Brush

DuBoa High Tech Brush

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  • Seamless bristles to prevent snagging or cutting the hair
  • Rubber cushion base gives great grip and comfort
  • Bristle tips will not fall off while brushing
  • Well-balanced from end to end
  • Solid, durable and long lasting
  • Made in Japan


MEET YOUR NEW BEST FRIEND IN STYLING BRUSHES! Stylists. As a stylist or barber, you will absolutely love the versatile DuBoa Brush as one of the most solid, durable, long-lasting brushes you will ever own. It’s truly a professional’s ultimate dream brush with seamless bristles to prevent snagging or cutting the hair and a rubber cushion base that gives great grip and comfort. Bristle tips don’t fall off while brushing. This world-class brush is ergonomically well-balanced from end to end. 

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