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Jatai Blade Glide

Jatai Blade Glide

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Have you ever taken a razor to the hair and it created a snaging noise? Or there just seems to be a little more resistance than you'd like? Most likely it's because of a dull blade and the need to replace it. However, it could also, be that the hair is not wet enough. Using water is good. But using Blade Glide Plus is even better. Why? 

Hairdressers and barbers use Blade Glide Plus to smooth and detangle hair, moisturize the skin and hair, and of course extend the life of their blades. It allows the razor to glide across the hair or skin for resistance-free cutting. It has a great scent as is the perfect compliment for any razor or even shears. You will notice the difference instantly as the silky smooth lotion equalizes the porosity of the hair and keeps hair moist while cutting. You might think you don't need it, but the instant you try it, you will see and feel the difference immediately.

Available in 8 oz and 2 oz bottles.

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