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Krest Specialty Combs

Krest Specialty Combs

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• Manufactured exclusively from Nitrile rubber – a 100%  professional material – combining proper rigidity and flexibility  to be absolutely guaranteed.

 Nitrile rubber will not absorb sterilization solution,  perms, conditioners, shampoos, oils, water, etc., and can be wet or dry sterilized.

​• Teeth are perfectly matched to eliminate drag split ends or scratching. 

 Nitrile rubber - the quality alternative to cheap plastic.

#4435 Black - 9" Color Comb

#4433TT Teal - 8 1/2" Curved Tooth Detangling Comb

#9900 Black - 7 3/4" Extra Thin Taper / Clipper Finishing Comb
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